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Business Divisions

At Pulmy Group, we categorize our operations into distinct business divisions, each channelling our innovative spirit to offer superior solutions. Our diversified portfolio enables us to be at the vanguard of multiple sectors, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible. From healthcare to technology, our business divisions operate with a shared vision of pioneering progress.

Health Division

Cleaning Division

Pulmy Group’s Health and Cleaning divisions are dedicated to promoting a healthier, cleaner environment for all.
Our health division is at the forefront of providing cutting-edge healthcare solutions, ensuring communities have access to quality medical care.

Simultaneously, our cleaning division is committed to maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, offering a range of superior cleaning products and services. We believe that a clean environment is fundamental to overall well-being, and thus, we strive to deliver excellence in both these intertwined domains.

Trusted Experience

Functional Home Care and Cleaning Services by Pulmy Group With a rich blend of healthcare expertise and cleaning mastery, Pulmy Group offers exceptional home care and cleaning services tailored to meet the diverse needs across Ireland. Our service spectrum includes:

Entrust us with your care and cleaning needs, experience unparalleled service delivery that speaks volumes of our reputation.


Healthcare Process

Step 1

Assessment for Homecare

In homecare, our initial step is to conduct a comprehensive assessment to understand the client's individual needs and preferences thoroughly. This foundational step is vital in crafting a care experience as unique as the clients.

Step 2

Personalized Care Plan and Caregiver Matching Subsequently

We craft a customised care plan, followed by the careful matching of the client with a caregiver whose skills and disposition align with the client's requirements.

Step 3

Ongoing Monitoring and Support

The final step in our service is the provision of ongoing monitoring and support. This ensures the continual well-being of our clients and guarantees that the care provided evolves alongside their changing needs.

Cleaning Process

Step 1

Initial Inspection

Our cleaning regimen commences with a meticulous evaluation of the premises. This crucial first step allows us to pinpoint any particular cleaning requisites, ensuring a customized approach to each space.

Step 2

Preparation of Supplies and Equipment

Following the assessment, we methodically prepare the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment. Our selection of tools is tailored to the specific requirements of your space, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Step 3

Execution of Cleaning

The third phase involves the actual cleaning process. Our trained professionals execute this with precision, ensuring thoroughness and acute attention to detail. Every corner is considered, and no task is too minor in our quest for immaculate spaces.

Step 4

Final Inspection

To conclude, a stringent final inspection is carried out to ascertain that the area not only meets but exceeds our high standards of cleanliness. We leave no stone unturned, confirming that every aspect of our cleaning has been accomplished with the utmost excellence.

Quality Assurance


Review System

Our review system ensures that you are only met with a service crew that meets your expectations.


Highly Trained

All our cleaning staff have gone through hours of training by certified industry experts to ensure they deliver perfect results every time.



Our insurance covers both our employee’s safety on your property and any accidental damage while they are working.


100% Screening

All our cleaning and service staff have been Garda vetted and received health checks.

Comprehensive Services

Personalized Home Care

We tailor our home care services to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment in their homes.

Residential Cleaning

Our residential cleaning services ensure a clean, tidy, and inviting home, promoting a healthy living environment.

Commercial Cleaning

We offer thorough cleaning services for commercial spaces, ensuring a pristine and professional environment.

Quality Assurance

Our review system ensures you are only met with a service crew that meets your expectations, promoting a standard of excellence across all services.

Dedicated Service Plans

Our bespoke service plans are designed to meet the varying needs and schedules of our clients, ensuring consistent quality and satisfaction.

Client Engagement

We maintain continuous engagement with our clients to ensure their needs are being met and to foster long-term relationships.

Expert Staff Training

Extensive training by certified industry experts ensures our staff delivers exceptional service every time, upholding the values and standards of Pulmy Group.

Specialized Cleaning Services

Our range of specialized cleaning services includes window, kitchen, oven, floor steam, and carpet cleaning, addressing specific cleaning needs with expertise.

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