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Respite Care

Respite care

Pulmy Home Care Service provides a warm, supportive hand with our diversified care options. Our specialized services include dementia, adult, and disability support for individuals with varied needs, ensuring a tailored approach for caregivers and recipients alike

Respite care2

Understanding Respite Care

Respite care is a temporary arrangement aimed at providing primary caregivers a breather from their caregiving duties. This service allows for short-term breaks to rejuvenate, attend to personal health needs, or enjoy some leisure time. Our adult respite care programs are thoughtfully designed, ranging from a few hours to a few weeks, all within the comforting familiarity of the client’s home, minimizing the stress often associated with moving to a care facility.

Supporting Unpaid Carers

The significant number of unpaid carers in Ireland is a testament to the selfless service provided to friends, neighbours, and family members in need. However, this noble act often comes with physical, emotional, and social strains. Our respite care services aim to alleviate these challenges, offering a supportive framework that allows for personal time while ensuring the continuous care of the loved one.

Respite care
Senior man and female carer enjoying coffee at home
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Our Services Include

Consultations to understand the specific needs and preferences of the individual

Tailored care plans to ensure a seamless continuity of care

Financial support information concerning the respite care grant

Financial Support

The respite care grant in Ireland offers non-taxable financial support paid annually. It’s automatically accorded to those receiving Carer’s Allowance, Prescribed Relative’s Allowance, Domiciliary Care Allowance, or Carer’s Benefit, providing a financial cushion for each person under care.

Respite care

Tailored Health Services: We Cater to Your Unique Needs

At Pulmy Group, we understand that every individual has unique health service needs. Our comprehensive array of health services is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of requirements. However, we recognize that there may be specific needs that are not listed within our standard offerings. Being a client-centric organization, we are more than willing to tailor our services to align with your particular needs. Your health and satisfaction are our paramount concerns, and we strive to adapt our solutions to provide a personalized health service experience. Reach out to us with your specific requirements, and we'll diligently work to customize a service plan that impeccably suits your needs.

Healthcare Process

Step 1

Assessment for Homecare

In homecare, our initial step is to conduct a comprehensive assessment to understand the client's individual needs and preferences thoroughly. This foundational step is vital in crafting a care experience as unique as the clients.

Step 2

Personalized Care Plan and Caregiver Matching Subsequently

We craft a customised care plan, followed by the careful matching of the client with a caregiver whose skills and disposition align with the client's requirements.

Step 3

Ongoing Monitoring and Support

The final step in our service is the provision of ongoing monitoring and support. This ensures the continual well-being of our clients and guarantees that the care provided evolves alongside their changing needs.

Reach Out for Personalized Care Service

Engage with Pulmy Home Care Services to explore our respite care solutions and craft a respite care plan attuned to your needs. We are here to discuss, design, and deliver a respite care service that provides a well-deserved respite for caregivers, ensuring unwavering care and comfort for your loved one. Contact us today and let us walk alongside you in this caregiving journey, providing the support and care that both you and your loved one deserve.

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